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In Coach Mike Deegan's first Clear Learn course, Creating Culture, students learned to master a straightforward, 8-step process that results in the ability to foster positive changes within yourself, your team and your organization.

Now available is Deegan’s second course, A Coach’s Approach to People Development, wherein he leans heavily on his ample coaching experience to teach course takers how to create optimal environments for people, and therefore organizations, to thrive by sharing what’s worked for him throughout his 20 years of coaching.

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A Coach’s Approach to People Development

Course Cost: $149

Course Description: What does it take to develop people so that they can take on more responsibility and become successful professionals in their field? It involves creating a company ethos of development, carrying out a coaching process for development, and identifying the characteristics of a coach and organization that is committed to development. Coach Michael Deegan, who has established Denison University baseball as one of the top programs in the mid-east region and as a contender on the national stage, shares some of the tools that he uses in his coaching to get the most out of his players. Learn how to effectively develop your employees into leaders who are capable of taking on more responsibility while improving your bottom line. In this course, you'll learn the steps in developing people, which will give you and your team a competitive edge in today's marketplace.

Deegan will tell you that camaraderie, positive cultures, strong peer relationships and leadership have been just as integral to the successes of his baseball teams as physical talent.

Based on this philosophy, Coach Deegan and Clear Learn have partnered to create a 10 Module course designed to ensure the learner has a firm grasp on the course’s goals:

1. Creating an organizational ethos of development
2. Introducing a coaching process for people development
3. Identifying the characteristics of a coach/organization that is committed to development

Course takers will incrementally learn how to achieve those goals by being led through the following course Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to the Course - Outline of the course goals with a focus on attracting and developing people, turning that into a long-term process, and an emphasis on enjoying the journey.

Module 2: Clarity of Purpose - Defining the organization’s mission and values, ensuring organizational alignment of all individuals involved, and, in the hiring process, prioritizing fit and feel over function.

Module 3: Developing Trust - Emphasizing Character, Competency and Connection. Leaning on the expertise and experiences of Urban Meyer and Bill O’Brian to learn to develop productive and repeatable habits, while focusing on listening, vulnerability and empathy.

Module 4: Communication - Learning to communicate the vision of the organization to all people involved. Identifying when a leader falls short of disseminating the organizational message.

Module 5: Relationship Building - A major point of emphasis for 21st century leaders. Establishing trust and belief cannot be rushed and is the cornerstone of building effective relationships that lead to organizational success.

Module 6: Health and Wellness - Placing the highest priority on people’s wellbeing. Accepting that stress negatively impacts job performance, and that health and wellness enhances high performance.

Module 7: The Mechanics - Learning to think differently about development. Focusing on continued improvement of not just bottom performers but top performers as well. Development is often the accumulation of micro moments, rather than a few big moments.

Module: 8 Adjunct to the Process - If 80% of the process should be done on-the-job, what can be done during off-the-clock time to make up the remaining 20%?

Module 9: Characteristics of a Person Developer - Learn the characteristics that make individuals in leadership effective at connecting and developing.

Module 10: Deliverables and Closing Thoughts - Identifying whether or not you’ve been successful, leaning on the process of using a coaching approach to people development.

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