Chad J Willett has written two books on personal development and leadership, is a TEDx speaker, has worked for three fortune 500 companies and is a well-regarded keynote speaker, delivering messages of personal development and leadership to schools, organizations and workplaces. Chad is also an accomplished actor, having begun his career by training at the world-famous improvisational school, “The Groundlings.” He has landed roles in well-known movies such as “She’s All That,” “Halloween H20” and “Can’t Hardly Wait” and created his own acting studio, the Broadway2LA Acting Studio. It’s this unique combination of business acumen and acting and stage skills that makes Chad especially effective in delivering strategies of thinking, looking and acting like a leader in our Eyes of a Leader course.

Chad J Willett’’s Expertise

Author of Smash the Box - Chad walks readers through his process for identifying and destroying mental blockers that can box us in and get in the way of success and happiness. Readers learn to recognize Perfectionism, Fear, Judgment and Negativity, which make up the 4 Walls of the Mental Box and eventually to Smash the Box!

Author of Rip Off the Rearview Mirror - Readers learn to focus on the here and now, to determine their goals in life and to pursue them with purpose. Past failures and regrets are not to be forgotten or ignored, but simply to be accepted and moved on from.

Owner and Operator of the Broadway2LA Acting Studio - Chad leads the premiere acting studio in Columbus, Ohio, offering classes and workshops to kids, teens and adults. Specializing in film, TV and commercial training, Chad shares his passion with a wide range of individuals of different backgrounds and ages, which is invaluable experience when it comes to learning how to reach and lead different types of people.

Keynote Speaker - Chad is a TEDx speaker and frequently delivers keynote speeches and professional workshops to schools, organizations and workforces. Chad has covered topics such as developing creative mindsets, focusing on the Now, communicating effectively and thinking, looking and acting like a leader.

Blog - Chad regularly shares his perspective on personal development, creativity, business and leadership on his personal blog.

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