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Clear Learn’s business and entrepreneurship courses are led by experienced and engaging subject matter experts that offer unique content for our students. We focus on making accessible and affordable classes for beginning entrepreneurs and small business owners. From specific business disciplines to soft skill development and more, the goal of all Clear Learn business and entrepreneurship courses is to provide learners with clear, actionable items that can be implemented in their own professional lives.

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“The Shot”: Winning Tactics for Your Elevator Pitch

Course Cost: $49

Course Description: What do you do? What does your company or product do? It’s a simple question that often presents a complicated, ambiguous, or long-winded response. For a person who has to articulate interest quickly, how well one can attract intrigue can make-or-break an opportunity to secure funding from investors, to strongly kick-off or punctuate an interview, or effectively network with potential clients. In this micro-course, students will recognize the importance of an elevator pitch and be able to craft an effective, concise and persuasive message to potential investors, clients, or employers.

You will learn from Betty Collins, Chris Eckels, Daniel Ortiz, and Michael Redd in video-based micro-lessons that will help you craft your elevator pitch by "Following the W.A.V.E":

Wow: impress your audience with a hook or attention-getter
Attract: attract with a value proposition
Value: show value with your “unfair advantage”
Encourage: inspire the next step with a call-to-action

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New Clear Learn courses from E-WAVE will launch every quarter in 2021, including topics that focus on the core requirements required to make a successful entrepreneur who is looking to start up a business venture. Future Course Titles in 2021 are The Mind, The Drive, The Idea, and The Pitch. Create your student account today to stay in touch and be alerted of future course availability!

The E-WAVE Team of Business Professionals

Michael Redd - Entrepreneur, Investor
Former NBA All-Star & Olympian

Danny Ortiz - Partner at 22 Ventures
Executive Director at The Wave

Chris Eckels - Founder and CEO of
Cyanna Education Services

Betty Collins - CPA and Director of
Brady Ware & Co


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