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"Creating Culture" with Coach Mike Deegan

Coach Mike’s philosophy of applying what makes athletes and teams successful to all phases of life is incorporated into Clear Learn’s Creating Culture course, which is designed to empower learners with the skills to inspire positive change within yourself, people around you and entire organizations.

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Clear Learn offers a range of engaging online courses for any student or professional looking to improve their expertise in business and leadership. We believe that all students, regardless of experience or background, can gain a clear advantage in their personal and professional lives by learning more in these two pillars of knowledge.

100% online courses allow students to complete their studies remotely anywhere in the world and on any computer or smart device.

Dividing our curriculum into micro-modules allows learners to consume content in concise and convenient segments, increasing knowledge retention and student engagement. We leverage our technical capabilities to deliver high-quality, immersive content from subject matter experts around the globe-- making Clear Learn the clear choice for online training.

“Learn from others, be successful, have fun, and become confident. You can do this; you have an opportunity. Take advantage of it.”
- Chris Eckels, Founder & CEO of Cyanna Education Services

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