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People Development

Coach Mike Deegan

Self-Paced, 10 Modules, 4 Hours


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Eyes of a Leader

Chad J. Willett

Self-Paced, 8 Modules, 4 Hours


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The Shot

Redd, Ortiz, Collins, Eckels

Self-Paced, 6 Modules, 3 Hours


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Clear Learn Experts

Clear Learn’s subject matter experts are a diverse group of individuals who have enjoyed success in a wide range of fields, including sports & coaching, business & entrepreneurship, acting, public speaking, education and more. We believe that their different paths to prosperity give our collection of experts an array of perspectives on life and success that can and will resonate with most anyone interested in self-improvement opportunities in terms of leadership and business expertise.

“Learn from others, be successful, have fun, and become confident. You can do this; you have an opportunity. Take advantage of it.”
- Chris Eckels, Founder & CEO of Cyanna Education Services

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